In the EasyHost Web Hosting Control Panel, you can find a practical tool allowing you to install a brand–new PHP framework in seconds. The Frameworks Installer tool automates the entire task on your behalf, hence eliminates the necessity to acquire, embed and after that configure your framework before commencing your project. You shall be able to get started with your framework reliant project very quickly, with no effort.

Numerous frameworks readily available

Kick–start your online project with a framework

There are many different PHP frameworks on the web which are competing to offer the perfect platform for your sites. Our PHP Framework Installer provides some of the more preferred and widespread PHP frameworks: CakePHP, Akelos, CodeIgniter, Zend, Prado, Zoop, and PHPDevShell.

Every one of these frameworks could very well be set up with a click and is updated to the most up–to–date stable release all the time.

Various PHP frameworks available

1–click PHP framework setting up

Your PHP framework is just a click away

The PHP Framework Installer will help you commence your web projects very easy. Inside the tool we have implemented the instant installation technology that gives you an option to type in your preferences and launch the integration procedure with merely a mouse click.

It’s simple to set up a PHP framework with simply a mouse click. All you have to do is pick where to incorporate on the server. Our clever tool will conduct the configuration task on your behalf, so you can start employing your framework as soon as possible.

1-click PHP framework installation

1–click data backup

The fastest option to back up a framework

Every smart programmer is aware that it’s fundamental to have a backup of one’s project to rely on in case of a problem. That’s why, we, at EasyHost, included a 1–click backup tool to the PHP Framework Installer. It may help you to back up your framework and all of the modifications you’ve made, with merely a click of the mouse.

There is no backup limit. So long as you have free disk space in the account, you can make as many backups as you wish.

1-click backup